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Hello and welcome to Aerobiewholesale.com, We are the leading wholesalers of Aerobie in United Kingdom and Europe. Aerobie was first established and Designed in 1984 by Stanford engineering lecturer Alan Adler, the Aerobie has a polycarbonate core with soft rubber bumpers moulded onto the inner and outer rims. The outer rim has a spoiler designed to impart stability. The Aerobie allows for throws over unusually long distances. It flies faster and farther than a common flying disc. When well tuned, it can fly in a straight line, "like a puck on an invisible sheet of ice". It does not have the tendency to roll when thrown level, as a flying disc does. But similarly to a disc, an Aerobie can be thrown in a curved path by throwing it in a slant. Its lift depends on its speed relative to the air. Therefore, throwing into the wind makes it fly higher. Throwing with the wind makes it fly lower. We love Frisbee and we hope you enjoy our dedicated wholesale website to some of our favourite Frisbee in the world, please contact us in your have any questions or inquiries.

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